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Our Story

In the summer of 2013, Steve met Andreea while he was traveling in Denmark with his family. He immediately recognized that she both had talent and was smart. She was finishing her studies in Copenhagen, but was clearly many steps ahead of her peers, already working (more than one job while in school), with dev chops to boot. Over a few months, they talked, and Andreea agreed to come to work in the US for Steve’s company (Cobaltix) for a year. She was to lead the Development team at Cobaltix, a highly successful technology firm in San Francisco that Steve had started in 2003. At the same time, though, each had bigger plans.

Within months, as they gained trust in each other, they began talking about starting a company together. It could start by taking over Cobaltix internal development work (which had always been a sideline but enough work to get a small company going), then slowly moving into gaining new business as well.

Within months the company was started. With business from Cobaltix (quite a bit, as it turned out) clients begin to hear great things and the company was off and running. The company is now truly international, with clients in both the US and Europe. It exists as an entity in Copenhagen (and to answer the question you are surely thinking: costs are actually lower in Copenhagen than in San Francisco!). The owners (still just Steve and Andreea) enjoy great food, meeting incredibly interesting clients, and have a successful and growing company!

Our Services

The one consistent comment we’ve heard from clients—the quality the work we do is incredible, and personal attention is something no amount of money can buy.

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  • We hold ourselves to the highest standard.
    Our Values
  • Long-lasting relationships are far more important than transactional work.
    Our Values
  • Projects aren’t finished until we have provided incredible value to our clients.
    Our Values

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Meet Our Team

Steve Walker
Andreea Csalai

The Name

Why would anyone name their company SA935? It isn’t easy to remember, it doesn’t roll off the tongue, and it has numbers in it. All rules that you never break when naming a company. Everyone has asked us this question, but the answer is quite simple.

SA935 is the designation for the SAS flight from Copenhagen to San Francisco that both of us have taken, now many times. It symbolizes the connection between Copenhagen and San Francisco—how close the two cities really are (just a flight away). The company is truly international—the founders speak 7 languages (6 fluently, although Andreea accounts for most of these). Likewise, the company truly works without the weight of one single country—making business easy regardless of what country you are in. In addition, because we have so many international resources at our disposal who all speak perfect English, we are able to make things happen that other companies just can’t do, and also at a price that others cannot even approach.

It is funny, you may not remember the flight number, but like us, you’ll always remember the flight.
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